What is neutron therapy?

What is BNCT?

BNCT is the cutting-edge cancer therapy.

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) is a treatment method based on the nuclear capture and fission reaction in tumor cells. Once boron atoms (10B) are taken in the tumor cells selectively, slow neutrons are irradiated towards those tumor cells.

  • Accumulation of boron atoms in tumor cells
  • Slow neutrons irradiation
  • Damage of tumor cells by neutron capture and fission reactions

The lethality of capture reactions of 10B and neutrons is limited within the diameter of the target cell, so that surrounding normal cells can be spared from damage. This contributes to maintaining a high quality of life (QOL) and less expenses of treatment for patients. The principle of BNCT was proposed in the US in 1936, clinical studies in Japan using research reactors started in 1968, and using accelerators started in 2012. At present, BNCT is validated for its effectiveness against cancers
such as head and neck cancer, malignant brain tumors, and melanomas.